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Upper Back Pain – exercises that can help.

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Upper Back Pain can be addressed with these simple self-help strategies for everyday office workers.

Sitting ultimately leads to slouching which can irritate the ligaments that hold your spinal joints together. After a period of time, discomfort is felt in your back as the ligaments tire from being constantly stretched, and start to whinge at you.

If you’ve fallen victim to prolonged slouching, your body will most likely appreciate movements in the opposite direction – extension. If you suspect your upper back pain and stiffness is largely due to prolonged sitting, you can try this series of thoracic mobilisation exercises for relief.

1. Cat camel stretch

Start with all fours on the ground. As you lower your spine, curling it towards the floor, arch your neck backwards as if to look to the sky, resembling a typical cat stretch. Then arch your spine upwards from this position, forming a camel’s hump, whilst simultaneously lowering the neck to look between your arms and legs.

Oscillate between the two positions about five to six times.

Upper Back Pain

2. Greet the sun stretch

Whilst standing, have your arms fully stretched out to the sides of your body, parallel to the ground, with your thumbs pointing to the ground. Look straight ahead, then extend your neck backwards as far as possible. As you do this, rotate your arms backwards so that your thumbs attempt to complete between 270-360 rotation. Note that in the photo below, the subject is in the final position of this stretch.

Upper Back Pain

3. Lat pull over stretch

This exercise usually features in weight training programs, where the aim is to increase the strength of the latissimus dorsi. You could perform this stretch on a gym bench or even the arm section of your couch at home. It can be useful to use added weight in the form of a dumbbell [as pictured] or alternatively, interlock your hands together. It helps to make small pulsating motions with your arms at the end range of this stretch for added “burst” of extension through your thoracic spine.

4. Foam roller exercise

A foam roller is a fantastic tool where you can make excellent use of your body weight to relieve spinal stiffness. Choose a space on the floor where you can lie your upper back on top of the roller. Use your legs to push and pull your body up and down the floor. The weight of your body overlying the roller will cause intersegmental extension across the length of your thoracic spine as you travel up and down the floor. The best foam roller on the market today is the one available from Blackroll.

Upper Back Pain

5. McKenzie push-up

Typically used to address lower back pain, the McKenzie push-up is a must inclusion for thoracic mobility due to the global spine extension achieved in this exercise. Place your hands beneath your chest about shoulder width apart. Using your triceps muscles, push into the floor raising your upper body once again, whilst keeping your pelvis on the floor. Come up all the way until both arms lock out. Aim for up to ten repetitions.

Upper Back Pain

If you’re still experiencing upper back pain after these exercises give us a call on 02 9922 6116 or book online with us here.

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