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My patients often ask me, “Hey Tom how’d you get such big guns, or
how do you stay so huge, muscly and ripped all the time? Is it from all
the physicality of your job?” “Haha, don’t be silly,” I say, “No its
because I train at Unity Gym!”

Unity Gym is, by a long shot, North Sydney’s most superior gym. Opened by brothers Rad and Yani Burmeister in July 2013, it is located on the corner of Pacific Highway and Berry Street (20 Berry Street).

From left: Yani Burmeister, Cameron Oreb, Sebastian Oreb and Radjin Burmeister.

It boasts five Olympic standard squat racks, boxing facilities, fat heavy ropes, chains, chin up bars all over the shop, and a host of other extremely specific exercise apparatus. Unity gym is a platinum pumphouse, it’s where trainers train and incredible results are just run of the mill.

Sounds too good to be true, but on meeting the directors, Rad and
Yani, and their talented staff, it comes as no surprise as to why Unity
Gym has exploded into the health and fitness industry. Their formula for
success is simple – pure passion for achieving health and fitness
drives these dedicated people and it is infecting North Sydney locals
one by one.

The team at Unity Gym take a completely scientific approach to
achieving their clients’ goals. They start from the inside and work
their way out. A detailed look at your body composition and diet plus a
thorough health and fitness examination is carried out on each
individual. Only once they determine it is safe to train and there is a
clear set of defined goals does the grunting, sweating and pumping

It is this sort of approach to personal training that makes a health
practitioner such as myself more than happy to refer patients in need of
an exercise overhaul. If you have been thinking of increasing your
activity or just trying to get back into shape, then joining Unity Gym
is a no brainer.

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