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Anybody who has met me, knows that I am a sports and rehab junkie.
From a young age i’ve been obsessed with rugby, and have also been an
avid basketball enthusiast. Naturally, I then found myself studying
chiropractic in my later years where I developed a keen interest in
sports related injuries; how to best diagnose, treat and prevent sports

Recently, I was hugely excited to attend a conference in beautiful Coffs Harbour, held by the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic [FICS]. FICS is comprised of worldwide national chiropractic sports councils and individual members. It has affiliations with international organisations within the chiropractic profession and the world of sports. You can read more about the organisation on the FICS website.

Around one hundred chiropractors attended the conference to
collectively learn and discuss sporting injuries and dysfunctions of the
hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. The weekend included the latest
adjusting, soft tissue and rehabilitation techniques.

In the future, I will be attending more of these conferences and completing additional modules to ultimately become an Internationally Certified Chiropractor Sports Practitioner [ICCSP]. This opens up doors to treat major sporting teams and other athletes at large sporting events such as the Olympic Games.

The quality of information and the method of learning has broadened
my approach to life in practice. The chance to mix with other
experienced professionals within the industry has advanced my skillset
and provided me with the most current evidence based approach to the
care of musculoskeletal injuries.

I look forward to working with sports men and women, in the future.

By Patrick Lind

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