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Cold laser therapy Sydney – available at The Physicaltherapy Centre in North Sydney.

At The Physicaltherapy Centre, our practitioners use the Thor PBMT Pro Laser – the most advanced “low level laser therapy” (LLLT) product available in the market today.

Cold Laser Therapy Sydney is a light therapy whereby laser or LED lights are passed over the affected area. Cold laser works by restoring the proper functioning of soft tissue at a cellular level. It accelerates tissue repair, and reduces pain and inflammation.

It is non-invasive, only needing skin contact to function. It targets the affected cells as they more readily absorb the light rays transmitted by the laser. Once the photons penetrate the affected cell, it stimulates repair by creating a biological movement carried out by structures known as mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell). While it has a long-term effect on the cells at a biological level, it has a short-term pain reducing function. The laser disrupts the pain-receptors in the area giving an analgesic effect. Laser therapy can be used on soft tissue, tendons, joints, and superficial wounds.

cold laser therapy

How many treatments are required?
– For acute injuries or recently painful areas – 1 to 5 treatments
– Chronic injuries – 5 to 20 treatments
– NOTE: the area being treated dictates the number of treatments because certain tissues respond more quickly than others. A larger area such as your back is likely to take longer than a smaller area, such as your forearm.

When should I seek treatment?
– With acute injuries and painful conditions, same day treatment is ideal otherwise as soon as possible to the date of injury or onset of pain.

How often should I be treated?
– For acute injuries and pain conditions, treatment administered on 3 consecutive days is ideal followed by 2-3 times per week.
– For chronic injuries, depending on severity, 2 to 3 times per week is sufficient.

How does LLLT benefit me?
– Initiates the body’s natural healing response to restore tissue at a faster rate
– No side effects
– Reduces inflammation quickly
– Provides an analgesic effect (pain relief) quickly, whilst concurrently working to reduce pain permanently.

Will I be able to feel anything during treatment?
– Most of the time, patients will not feel anything while undergoing treatment. If the patients experience anything, it will be a very light tingling or heat sensation. Patients have also reported feeling sleepy following treatment.

When can LLLT not be used?
– The use of LLLT is not recommended on areas where known cancer sites exist.
– It is also not recommended for pregnant women over the developing fetus.
– Patients should never look directly into laser, protective eyewear is supplied during treatment.

WARNING!! Cold Laser therapy must be used with caution with patients who:
– Have had an organ transplant
– Have photosensitivity
– Have photosensitive epilepsy
– Possible mild adverse reaction for patients with tattoos or very dark skin

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