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Why Come Here

The Physicaltherapy Centre provides comprehensive assessment and care of its patients. Our practitioners pride themselves in using very hands-on treatment techniques, and being extremely thorough. Effective treatment of musculoskeletal injuries requires detailed examination of muscles, ligaments, joints, fascia, nerves and their function during movement. Your practitioner will spend the necessary amount of time with you to examine these structures thoroughly, and ensure you receive expert advice and treatment.

Many of the patients who have attended the clinic have made the choice to do so because of the diversity of practitioners.  The Physicaltherapy Centre offers chiropractic, physiotherapy, wellness & detoxification and remedial massage services.  A wide range of therapies are offered including: active release technique, Graston Technique, The McKenzie Method, The Sarah Key Method, cold laser therapy, ROCKTAPE, and dry needling.

Whilst much of the work can be done in a treatment room, you will need to be active in between consultations. You will receive instruction on self-help strategies and follow up communication to monitor your progress with resolution of your condition. This follow-up communication is a service that is for the patients’ benefit, knowing they are receiving the best care.

All of the practitioners at The Physicaltherapy Centre come from active backgrounds and have experience in physical training, and playing a variety of sports at a high level. Whilst not all people who present to the clinic necessarily fit this mould, this collection of experience provides in-depth knowledge of the body for people of all levels of activity.

Having operated in the North Sydney community for many years now, The Physicaltherapy Centre has strong alliances with many of the training facilities and other health professionals in the locale. This enables us to effectively co-manage with, or refer patients to the appropriate professional.  Finally, our practice is a state of the art facility with individual treatment rooms (no curtain dividers), comfortable waiting room, and friendly staff.  We welcome you to our practice and hope to help you return to health and activity.

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