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It doesn’t matter what direction, just keep moving

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Chiropractic Science, and a Master’s degree in Chiropractic, from Macquarie University. I complemented my studies with an extensive program of observation of health professionals working in a range of therapy styles. To date, I am privileged to have observed over 50 practitioners, including physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors in real consultations with patients. This unique experience combined with my current qualifications, and my own experience in practice and at sporting events, has enabled me to fine tune my skills to offer patients a refined and effective brand of physical therapy.


Thoracic motion palpation

As a tennis enthusiast, I have competed regularly in Australian National Ranking Tournaments and I am currently the only qualified chiropractor in Australia to have held a ranking inside the top 500 players. My participation in sport at a high level has made me acutely aware of the physical demands people can place on their bodies from time to time, and the damage that can result.

I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Music from the Australian Institute of Music, and have performance experience in both orchestras and small bands. I am, consequently, also quite familiar with the discomfort that musicians sometimes endure as a result of poor posture and repetitive strain. I founded Cartwright Physicaltherapy in August 2013.  Then in June 2019, the practice relocated and I rebranded to, The Physicaltherapy Centre.

The practice prides itself on offering a range of therapeutic techniques for musculoskeletal complaints. Currently, I am trained in Active Release Technique [ART]Graston Techniquedry needlingCold Laser Therapy (PBMT)McKenzie Method, Sarah Key Method, ROCKTAPE and Gait Scan orthotic therapy.  I embrace learning and am forever updating my skill set.


Back Pain

Neck Pain


Leg Pain

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