The Physicaltherapy Centre is so-named, to encompass the diversity of practitioners and the skills they utilise for treatment. Our experienced team is dedicated to furthering their skills through the regular attendance at industry conferences and seminars. As such, The Physicaltherapy Centre is able to offer you a variety of treatment modalities and ensure you receive comfortable and effective care.

All therapies are available during your consultation and do not incur any extra charges. If you are seeking a particular treatment modality for your current condition, please inform your practitioner at the time of consultation. After your condition has been assessed, your practitioner will also make recommendations as to which treatment modality is likely to gain the quickest and most effective results.

Depending on your treatment area, your practitioner may require you to bring a change of clothes. Please be reminded to wear appropriate clothing to your consultation. Your practitioner will require sufficient skin-on-skin access in order to provide effective treatment. We encouraged men to bring gym shorts and may request to have their shirt removed in the case of treating spine-related injuries. The same applies to women, although we would ask that they wear either a spaghetti-string style or bikini top for spine or shoulder related injuries.

Below, you will find specific information about the different therapies available at The Physicaltherapy Centre. We encourage you to watch some of the videos from our YouTube channel which feature on these pages, so that you may get an idea as to what to expect during your consultation.

The Physicaltherapy Centre prides itself in being able to offer a range of therapies exclusive to the North Sydney locale and many other parts of greater Sydney. Our therapists are continually up-skilling with the goal to becoming some of the most versatile practitioners available today.