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Graston Technique Sydney is used specifically for the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue. The Graston Technique Sydney utilises stainless steel apparatus in combination with therapeutic active movements to restore range of motion. The tools are used as an extension to manual therapy, they are more precise and accurate in amplifying any fibrotic changes in soft tissue. This allows the practitioner to accurately localise and treat the patient’s areas of discomfort. The mobilisation of soft tissue reduces the formation of scar tissue, fascial restrictions, and chronic inflammation. By breaking down these lesions the inflammatory process is stimulated leading to an increase in healing, reduced need for pain medication, and less time in rehabilitation.

Many people ask what being treated by Graston Technique Sydney feels like. At first glance, it would appear as if it would be quite a painful experience. Like many therapies, the degree of discomfort felt by a patient can be quite varied, and depends on the amount of pressure the treating practitioner chooses to apply. Depending on the degree to which a structure has been injured, it may require more force to assist in breaking down the lesions in question. The experience can be made more comfortable for the patient by starting out gently, and graduating to firmer pressure.

It is common, after a session of Graston Technique Sydney, to be left with some minor bruising. At the conclusion of your treatment, you may notice red marks where you have been treated. This is a good sign, and denotes increased blood flow within the region, which initiates and accelerates the healing process.

It is used widely in competitive sports but also for everyday desk workers and manual labourers. The technique can be used for a wide range of pathologies ranging from tennis elbow and Shin splints to trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis. Visit the Graston Technique homepage for more information.

Graston Technique Sydney tools
The six available Graston Technique Sydney tools.