Physiokey Sydney

The physiokey is a non-invasive neurostimulation device which may help to promote, restore and expedite normal healing responses in the body.  We have found the device to be especially useful in patients with acute inflammation, or those who have reached a plateau with other treatments. It is used in conjunction with other treatment techniques in the clinic.

The Physiokey professional pain relief device can be used with patients of all age groups for a wide variety of complaints. The device stimulates the body’s self-regulation through bioadaptive impulses. Physiokey uses high amplitude, high density, bio-feedback controlled pulse stimulation to cutaneous nerves, activating the body’s natural pain relieving mechanisms. The effect is achieved through the stimulation of reflective zones and acupuncture points on the skin surface. The aim of treatment with the Physiokey is rapid pain relief and functional improvement.

A domestic version of the Physiokey known as, the Sanakey, is available for sale or hire through our practice. These are easy to use, highly portable treatment devices which can be used in between treatments with your practitioner.



Hand-held Physiokey device

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