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Finding a good massage therapist can be so hard…

Our clinic currently has two disciplines of manual therapy available – chiropractic and physiotherapy.  Whilst neither discipline offers remedial or sports massage therapy alone, both our chiropractors and physiotherapists incorporate soft tissue work (otherwise known as massage) into their treatment protocols. 

Massage therapy is usually restricted to treating predominantly muscle tissue.  In other words, working through tight muscular tissue to free it of restriction and the build up of adhesions.  Our extensively qualified therapists however, can offer you a more comprehensive service by incorporating other treatment modalities, such as joint manipulation and/or mobilisation, into your appointment.

Sometimes people are of the feeling that they simply need a massage, or would benefit from just being “rubbed down”.  Whilst this may be the case, our therapists often find that the peoples’ injuries and conditions are best treated with a combination of therapies.  By addressing the muscular, ligamentous, nervous and articular structures, our patients commonly find that they leave the practice in a far better state had they just had their muscles worked on.

We cater to a variety of people, not just athletes, and have availability throughout the week and on Saturdays.  Our rooms are air-conditioned, complete with dimmable lighting and comfortable table linen.


If you are seeking relief from over-training, post workout stress or pre-event preparation, our remedial massage and sports massage services may be your preferred option.  

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