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Wrist adjustment

Chiropractic manipulation is an extremely fast and effective means of restoring joint function, it is safe and pain free.

Whereas massage is used for tight muscles, think of chiropractic as treatment for tight joints. With all the forces we sustain throughout life, our joints steadily become more and more restricted in their range of motion.

Prolonged slouching at your desk, rapid changes in direction during sport, monotonous tasks in manual labour jobs, and even gravity bearing down on your body, are all examples of forces we subject ourselves to regularly. These repetitive forces accumulate over time and ultimately lead to joint degeneration, otherwise known as arthritis.

Please note, on-the-spot private health fund rebates are available for chiropractic services using HICAPS.

We provide comprehensive assessment, and effective treatment for all musculoskeletal injuries. 

To help you effectively, we will:

  1. Identify your problem with precision and accuracy
  2. Provide you with the most plausible diagnosis
  3. Administer treatment or refer you to an appropriate professional


Delivering a manipulative force (otherwise known as an adjustment) to a restricted joint is done so to restore proper motion at the articular segment.

Concurrently, in delivering this controlled force, there is profound stimulation of the nerves surrounding the joint. This stimulus is then communicated to the brain thus reinforcing the increased range of motion now present at the previously restricted joint. Most people can relate to feeling “stiff and sore”, and appreciate how a massage might be relaxing and make them feel “looser”. Oftentimes however, the “tightness” that people feel, comes from a deeper point in the body, the joints. Joints become restricted when subjected to large and/or repetitive forces. If joints remain restricted from their full range of motion, the body will have reduced access to power and flexibility, and ultimately become arthritic.

Unfortunately, we are all subject to the ageing process, and we experience degrees of wear and tear within our bodies as we grow older. Taking advantage of chiropractic care however, may prevent premature degeneration of your joints and see you maximising their lifespan.

We use manual adjusting techniques and are members of Australian Chiropractors Association. This means, we do not use instruments, nor movable parts of a treatment bench to carry out spinal manipulation. Instead we use our hands and body, which is more effective, gentler on your body and more comfortable for you. We will always seek your consent prior to adjusting, and can modify our techniques to accommodate your level of comfort.

Visit our clinic and experience the best chiropractic North Sydney has to offer.

Adjustment setup

Massage is for tight muscles, so you might say chiropractic is for tight joints. This is a great way to communicate where and when chiropractic care is useful. Manipulation is a highly advanced skill developed through years of practice. It is used by many therapists, not just chiropractors. For me, no treatment is complete without some form of joint mobilising or manipulation – a therapist should never neglect the joints. — Tom


Many people are confused as to whether they should be seeing a chiro or a physio for their particular concern.  Both our chiropractor and physiotherapist come with many years of experience treating a large range of musculoskeletal problems.

We encourage you to learn a little about the difference between the two professions in our FAQs page, and by reading their individual professional biographies in our about section. Another factor to consider is whether you are covered for chiro or physio services with your private health fund.

If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, this service might be the right choice for you.

Back Pain

Neck & Jaw Pain


Arm & Leg Pain 

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